Dinosaurs come to Clarendon

Today we were so lucky to be palaeontologists! We got to explore dinosaur fossils using paintbrushes. We learnt lots of information about dinosaurs and their fossils, including how to dig for fossils. We saw lots of different exciting fossils including an Allosaurus skull, T-Rex teeth and claws, a tail spike of a Stegosaurus and a horn spike of a Triceratops.






This afternoon, we had Jack the baby Allosaurus and Sophie the T-Rex who is 7 years old –  luckily they had eaten their lunch!! Sophie was very big for 7 years old! We also got to see a dinosaur footprint and dinosaur egg.




Beep Beep Day 2016

As part of Road Safety Awareness week, Nursery and Reception learnt about how to stay safe on the roads. We learnt to stop, look and listen, make sure we hold a grown ups hand when crossing the road and to look for the green man that tells us it’s safe to cross. We made a road outside and put all of our learning to practice. 

Farm Visit!!!

The children had an absolutely amazing time at the farm yesterday!

They fed the animals, went on a  donkey ride, went on a tractor, stroked the animals and watched the cows being milked.

Police visit Early Years

We have been learning about real life heroes this week. We were very lucky to have a visit from our local PCSO and Constable Cub! We learnt all about stranger danger and what to do in an emergency. We learnt that the police have a very special job and have to make sure that everybody follows the rules.